What is Hostinger hosting?

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With the increasing trend of companies and institutions towards digital presence, owning a website has become a must. The essential thing in the success of any website is the hosting it relies on. In this context, Hostinger comes as a popular choice among web hosting providers. It is considered one of the most popular companies in this field.

In this article, we will take a tour of Hostinger hosting and the features it offers that make it a leader in the field of website hosting.

Hostinger features

Cons of Hostinger

Hostinger subscription plans

Explaining security features in Hostinger

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Hostinger hosting

Hostinger hosting features

It can be said that Hostinger is an easy tool for beginners with many professional options for professionals. So that it pleases everyone.

As for the reliability that Hostinger offers, it guarantees users 99.9% uptime. Numerous experiments have also proven its ability to provide 100% uptime. Therefore, through this feature, you will be able to use Hostinger safely, and your site will not crash all the time, or even never, so to speak.

Hostinger also recorded very high loading speeds for the site. Which means that by using Hostinger hosting, your visitors will not face any problem in loading page content.

Hostinger also has data centers in 8 different countries. They are the United States of America, France, the United Kingdom, Lithuania, Singapore, the Netherlands, India and Brazil.

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Website hosting

Disadvantages of Hostinger Hosting

Despite its great performance, Hostinger lacks dedicated hosting. Which is the most important option for large companies and institutions that want to rent a complete server for themselves only. Otherwise, there is no phone support through Hostinger. This is not considered a basic feature, but it is present in many of Hostinger’s competitors.

Additionally, although Hostinger has data centers in 8 countries, some plans do not support all data centers. For example, Linux VPS plans cannot be hosted in France, Singapore, or the Netherlands.

Hostinger hosting subscription plans

There are three types of hosting that Hostinger supports, the first of which is shared hosting, cloud hosting, and finally VPS hosting.

Shared hosting

Shared hosting comes with four different paths of plans. Single hosting, which is available for one website. With 50GB SSD storage, weekly backup storage, free SSL certificate, and unlimited bandwidth. It comes with different WordPress features. However, it is a bit simple. As for security features, it comes with an anti-virus firewall and a malware detection tool. In addition to a secure access manager and protection against DDoS attacks.

The remaining three routes offer more features, including access to a free domain, a CDN service that helps provide greater security and increase speed. The latest plan also contains dedicated IP addresses.

As for WordPress support, the other three paths add countless features, most notably backing up site data at any time.

As for security features, they are almost the same in all plans, with an additional feature, Domain Privacy Service (or WHOIS), which replaces user information in WHOIS with redirection service information.

As for support, it is wonderfully available with all plans, and support priority is given to owners of the last plan.

Cloud hosting

Cloud hosting comes with higher storage and processing capabilities, with storage up to 300 GB of NVMe type. The RAM reaches 12 GB. That with 6 CPU cores. Which means the ability to process a large number of tasks and requests at the same time. All cloud plans come with daily backup storage, free SSL certificate, free CDN, and dedicated IP addresses. In addition to free email, unlimited package offer. And all the security features imaginable. All this for prices starting at $9.99 per month and ending with $29.99 per month. For all these features, we can say that Hostinger outperforms all its competitors in terms of price.

VPS hosting

VPS hosting also comes in four different paths. The RAM space ranges between 4-32 GB. The CPU range is between 1-8 cores. The storage capacity is between 50-400 GB of NVMe storage. They all come with weekly backup storage, dedicated IP addresses, and an AI assistant. Subscription prices start at $5.99 and end at $21.99 for the latest plan.

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Hostinger web hosting

Explaining the security features of Hostinger hosting

Protection against DDoS attacks

DDoS attacks or Distributed Denial of Service attacks are a more aggressive type of cybersecurity attack. These attacks aim to completely interrupt service by flooding the server with large amounts of fake requests so that it becomes unable to process this amount of requests alongside the requests of real users, causing it to malfunction and go out of service permanently. This causes huge losses for companies, institutions and individuals who use the service. Hostinger provides protection against these attacks through a set of procedures and techniques:

  • Traffic Analysis: Incoming traffic to the server is examined to detect any unusual or suspicious traffic. This process relies on artificial intelligence systems and machine learning algorithms that are trained on such unusual attacks.
  • Traffic Filtering: Used to separate normal traffic from suspicious traffic which reduces the impact of DDoS attacks on the service.
  • Traffic distribution: It relies on redirecting traffic using multiple techniques to avoid significant pressure on the server, which makes it difficult for DDoS attacks to influence the server and block its work.

CDN service

Which stands for Content Delivery Network. It is a system of distributed networks that directs user requests. So that the server closest to the user will receive the request and not the original server.

This service significantly increases speed because the distance the data will travel will be shorter. The biggest advantage is that it helps protect against DDoS attacks because the original server is not the one that will respond to the requests. Therefore, a DDoS attack will be difficult to achieve as to be successful it must reach the originating server. While accessing any sub-server of the CDN system will not disrupt the service, rather another server close to the user will simply receive the request.

Web Application Firewall

It is a type of security system that aims to protect web applications from online security attacks. It works through several techniques such as filtering traffic to differentiate between normal and suspicious traffic. Hence, protecting applications from security vulnerabilities found in web applications. Finally, through access control, WAF restricts users’ access to applications and prevents illegal access.

Cloudflare Protected Nameservers

It is part of Cloudflare’s DNS service that provides high security in managing your domain’s DNS records. Which provides an additional layer of security against various security attacks. This service provides many features, including speed of response to your domain. And enhance the security of transmitted data by providing appropriate encryption between the user and DNS servers. In addition to following various security measures to mitigate threats, such as DNSSEQ, which verifies the legitimacy of the transmitted data to avoid any security attack. This is all done by leveraging the infrastructure of Cloudflare, which is a leader in online data security protection.

Domain Privacy Service (or WHOIS)

This service protects users’ ownership of domain names. It records the owner details of the domain name on the Internet. Thus, this service contributes to confirming the owner’s ownership of the domain name. It provides information about the validity period of the domain and the date of its registration so that you can ensure that you do not lose the domain as a result of you forgetting to subscribe again. Which will lead to your website stopping and will consequently cause huge losses for institutional companies.

This service also helps protect the domain from security attacks because of its ability to identify cases of domain misuse. It is a crucial factor in determining ownership and protecting the brand of companies and institutions from unauthorized use by allowing companies to track domains related to their brand and identify illegal use.

Malware Scanner

It is a tool designed to detect and identify malware. In some cases they are designed to isolate this malware. Malware includes viruses, computer worms, Trojan horses, and many more. This malware harms your system. Hackers also use it to illegally obtain your location data and then trade it to you.

Therefore, these programs regularly scan your site files, databases, and web server configurations to ensure that there is no suspicious element. This is through machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques that make it trained to detect malware in its various forms.

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Website hosting acts like a digital home that allows your website information and data to be completely secure. This ensures the speed of the website and its good performance. It is designed not only to display the contents of your site, but to keep that content at the highest possible level of security. Hostinger does this job with complete efficiency. Despite the presence of many hosting companies in the market, Hostinger hosting maintains a distinguished reputation, due to its various features and acceptable prices for everyone.

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