The best ways to promote your website on social media

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Learn how to promote your website on social media and how to achieve high traffic to your website.

Launching a new website is a big accomplishment. Creating websites has become popular recently because it is a great idea to publish your products, display your brand, or even broadcast important news to the world, in addition to rich information that the public can benefit from, in exchange for earning money and achieving large profits. However, just creating a website is not enough. It is now necessary to work on bringing visits to your website in order to secure acceptance in Google AdSense and achieve your profits.Social media sites are one of the best means to achieve this goal, as using social media sites to promote your website can secure up to 80% of your website traffic if you apply the correct steps to this process. In this article, here are the best ways to promote a website through various social media sites, which will enable you to display your site to different communities and cultures and thus gain more and more visitors to the site.

What is the importance of promoting the website on social media?

Ways to use social media sites to promote your website

Tools that help you promote your website on social media

Promote your website using social media sites
Promote your website using social media sites

What is the importance of promoting the website on social media?

Promoting your website via social media is one of the most important steps that must be taken after completing your website preparation, for many reasons, including the following:

Increase the popularity of the site.

Using social media can increase your website’s popularity and spread your brand widely. Therefore, this will help make your site reputable.

Increase traffic.

Using social media sites can increase website traffic. Thus, bringing a lot of visits to the site and achieving more profits, views, or sales depending on the purpose of your site.

Direct the target audience to the site.

By using social media sites, you can attract the desired audience to the site. For example, if the site is an e-commerce platform. By creating social networking sites similar to the purpose of the site and with the same brand name as the site, it is possible to attract the desired audience to the site who wants to buy products.

Communicate with the public on a greater level.

The options for interaction via the website are few, and therefore for audiences who love to interact with the brand, social media sites will represent a great opportunity, which will give the audience confidence in your site.

Evaluate and improve products.

One of the options for interacting on social media is the ability to give opinions about products and the brand in general. This will enable you to identify the strengths and weaknesses of whatever product you are offering, and thus you will be able to improve your production and increase sales as a whole.

Building a good reputation.

By allowing the public to express their opinion about the site via social networking sites, you will be able to gain a good reputation and spread it on a wide level, since the audience is the one who does the evaluation.

Encouraging the public to visit the site.

This is done by creating competitions, distributing gifts, and informing the public of everything new regarding your website.

· Improve your site’s visibility in search engine results

Social media can attract significant traffic and interaction with your website, which will increase search engines’ confidence in your website and improve your search results.

Promotion using social media sites
Promotion using social media sites

Ways to use social media sites to promote your website

· First, create a Facebook and Instagram page with the same name as your brand

The social media platforms Facebook and Instagram are one of the most widely used and popular social media platforms among the public, so the first step in promoting your website using these sites is to create a Facebook and Instagram page bearing the same name as your brand. The goal is for the audience to be able to discover that this page links back to your website and brand once they see the page name. Be careful, it is necessary to create a new Facebook account for business, unlike a personal account.

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· Secondly, prepare social media sites as required

It is not enough to put the brand name as the name of a Facebook or Instagram page. It is also important that you spend enough time when filling out your bio page, as people find your site based on the keywords you put in your bio. In addition, there are many other features on Facebook and Instagram that can be exploited to further direct the audience to your website, such as placing the phrase “Sign Up with Us” or “Learn More” in your bio which should definitely lead the audience to your website.

It is also important to put a profile picture and cover photo that are appropriate for the purpose of the site. It is preferable that these images have the same visual identity as the site (visual identity means the colors and general layout of the site) and that they indicate to the audience, before they even read the page name, that this social media site will lead to your brand or your site in general.

Next step: Target the right audience.

After preparing Facebook and Instagram, you must now attract the target audience. There are many groups and pages on Facebook and Instagram that enable you to publish your own marketing content. Through marketing publications bearing the nature of the lawsuit, you will be able to attract the audience to your social media sites, which will also attract them to your website. You can use Canva to create advertising images, and then write some welcome words. And then create nice suit posts.

Paid promotion on Facebook may also be a good idea.

This process can also be done for a fee, as the social networking site Facebook provides funded advertising campaigns that work to attract targeted visitors according to specific algorithms. This is done by using the “Boost Post” feature directly from your page. Facebook will allow you to target audiences with your content based on location, interests, demographics, etc.

It is necessary to take advantage of the hashtag feature on Instagram

The hashtag feature is very important on Instagram and Facebook, but it is even more important on Instagram. The hashtag you put in your post is responsible for attracting the audience to your post. Once the audience types a word in the search box, whatever social media site it is will find the word in the hashtags attached to the posts that you or others broadcast to the public.

In addition, it is important to know that social media hashtags are similar to Google keywords. Therefore, there are hashtags that are very popular with the audience and targeting them will bring more and more visitors. On little-used and popular hashtags that will make your post disappear and lead to no results. As for how to find out the most popular hashtags, we will talk about that at the end of the article.

Paid promotion on Instagram is also important.

Instagram also allows you paid promotion. However, it is slightly different from the promotion technique used on Facebook. You can promote your website through Instagram through famous Instagram users. These people, who have a huge number of followers, can be paid to create an advertising campaign (which may be a video, photo, or post) with the aim of promoting your website. Do not forget at this stage that placing a link that leads to your social media sites or directly to your website is the primary goal.

Social media
Social media

Promote your website on LinkedIn.

The social networking site LinkedIn is essential when building any new business, whether it is a website or otherwise. Especially if you want to raise your website to the level of professionalism. LinkedIn is a social networking site that includes all the strong and experienced companies in various fields. Any large company or strong brand undoubtedly has a LinkedIn account. Hence, it is essential that you join this group.

· Blogging and various posts help strengthen social media

It is necessary to make your social media sites an opportunity to broadcast important posts that relate to the purpose of your website and therefore relate to the target audience. You can create photos, videos, or publish articles that are of interest to the audience and that will increase the number of visits to your social networking sites and thus increase the opportunity for the audience to reach your website.

Also use fun posts and don’t forget about different occasions.

Using fun posts or jokes from time to time without exaggeration will help attract more comments and audience shares. Thus attracting more traffic. Also, paying attention to public events, such as holidays, national and international events, etc., will increase the love and trust of the public and attract more followers and interactions.

It is necessary to publish regularly.

There are many algorithms for publishing on social media that you can study and delve into in order to get more visitors. However, they all agree that it is necessary for publication to be periodic and intensive without exaggeration. Especially in the first period of building the website and social media pages. Therefore, it is necessary to use certain tools or do it yourself, or even hire an employee who will publish on social media continuously.

Contests and challenges greatly help you gain an audience.

Competitions and challenges have spread widely on social networking sites recently. And if you have used social networking sites before. You have surely seen an advertisement for a challenge or competition.

The goal of these posts is to gain public trust, increase interactions on social media sites, or achieve certain promotional goals. For example, you can create a competition with a certain amount of money to give to the user who adds his friends to your social networking site the most. In addition to many other ideas that you can do.

Interaction with the audience in this case is also very important, so if you do not have enough time for that, ask a friend for help. Or hire a popular page to do the contest for you.

Use social media to promote your website
Use social media to promote your website

Don’t forget Twitter and Pinterest.

Twitter is a great platform to interact with the audience and create instant content and publish it easily. You can attach links that lead to your website pages through these posts. You can also use popular hashtags to attract the desired audience to your posts.

Pinterest is also a great platform for websites and blogs that contain visual content. Using Pinterest, you can publish photos and videos and then post links that lead to your website. Studies have shown that visual content attracts a much larger number of views than reading content.

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Tools that help you promote your website on social media

Some tools can be very useful to help you with your social media promotion campaign. Especially since there are many social media sites and you may have more than one site that you want to promote, and therefore more than one social media site for more than one site. Some tools will help you manage campaigns and others may help you manage interactions, schedule posts, respond to comments, and interact with your audience at scale. This is in addition to the possibility of combining several social media platforms when publishing new posts, so that they will be published on more than one platform at the same time. Let’s learn together about these tools and what else they can do.

Whether with a paid or free subscription, Canva will help you create attractive designs for your social media posts. Canva provides you with the ability to specify the type of content required, whether it is an image for Instagram or a video for Facebook. Once selected, Canva will choose the appropriate dimensions for the content and then present you with a wide range of formatting options. Such as backgrounds, graphics, and font options for example. This is in addition to various download options, which include an option for social networking sites and an option for a transparent background. There is an option to compress the image to obtain a suitable size, in addition to the ability to specify the dimensions of the image as desired.

Not only that, Canva offers a wide range of free templates that are suitable for various marketing campaigns and various topics, such as restaurants, shops, websites, and many others.

It is a link shortening program. But it doesn’t just shorten links, Bilty has the ability to track links and then easily identify and detect multiple clicks, which helps you know how many times a link has been opened and from what source. In addition to the ability to track the number of visits and obtain complete statistical information about the source of visits, the geographical location of visitors, etc. Thus, knowing which marketing campaigns work to attract the audience to you and which ones did not give any results. Finally, users can export the result to Excel for in-depth analysis.

Sprout Social

Despite its somewhat higher prices, it is the solution of choice among businesses and organizations that aim to manage their numerous social media outlets easily and seamlessly from one central point. Sprot Social contains many features, starting with its connection to all available social media, including Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and others. While most social media management tools relate to one or two types of social media. In addition, they offer a free 30-day trial plan to test the tool.

Google Analytics.

Google Analytics is a very powerful tool that greatly helps you promote your website through social media. This is through his extensive capabilities in social media management. Google Analytics can determine the percentage of visitors and track visits from social media sites. It can also know the time visitors spend on your posts and the way they interact with these posts. In addition, it can analyze the sources and thus know which campaigns and which social media methods will bring you the largest number of visitors. Then track the links that brought the largest number of visitors to be able to know which marketing campaigns succeeded.


SocialBee can make your social media marketing management process better, as it gives you an overview of all your social media.

In addition to many other countless features. SocialBee is also affordable and has all the tools needed for social media management.

Interactions from the audience
Interactions from the audience

Finally, it can be said that the process of promoting your website via social media is very essential to your success in the world of the web. By following the right steps, creating attractive content, and interacting well with the audience, in addition to using the tools we mentioned in the article, you will be able to publish your website on a large scale and achieve high traffic. Thus bringing more and more visitors to your website.

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