The best VPN in Saudi Arabia

افضل VPN في السعودية


VPN programs are considered an important basis in our communications today on the Internet, as they give us a world of secure communication and allow us to transcend geographical borders and enjoy the services and features we want. For Saudi Arabia, using a VPN is an important factor in achieving online security. Especially since the majority of the population of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia uses the Internet in all their financial transactions and international companies. Therefore, in this article we summarize the importance of using a VPN and the best VPN in Saudi Arabia, along with how to choose the appropriate VPN service for you. To enjoy safe browsing across the network, and to share your data comfortably, whether with friends, to purchase products, or any other process that requires a secure and encrypted connection over the Internet.

The importance of using a VPN in Saudi Arabia.

How to choose the right VPN for you.

The best VPN programs in Saudi Arabia.

افضل VPN في السعودية
The best VPN in Saudi Arabia

The importance of using a VPN in Saudi Arabia.

Accessing services prohibited in Saudi Arabia.

There are many services or websites that cannot be accessed from Arab countries such as Saudi Arabia. Using a VPN helps you bypass geographical boundaries and access these services. As the VPN server changes the user’s IP address, according to the location of the server provided by the VPN service, or according to the region that you choose if the VPN service provider provides different options for the user.

In this case it will appear as if you are accessing the public Internet from France, Romania or any other country of your choice. Some VPN apps also allow you to choose a specific city, in addition to many country options. This way you can access any online feature without thinking whether it is available in your area or not.

Protection of online commercial and financial transactions.

It is known that Saudi Arabia is primarily an Internet country, as all financial transactions are carried out through phone applications such as PayPal, Visa, and others. However, Saudi Arabia is a country where electronic commerce is widespread, and people deal with it to a very large extent. Therefore, there are many financial transactions over the Internet and purchases and sales that require entering information and personal data related to credit cards in Saudi Arabia. Therefore, it is very important to use an encryption mechanism for data so that it is difficult for any other party to spy on or access the information in any way.

Securing data for companies and institutions.

There are many companies and institutions in Saudi Arabia that specialize in all fields, from marketing to financial companies, banks, and others. These companies maintain the information and data of their employees and customers on a regular basis, and thus preserving this data is of utmost importance, especially in light of the escalation of cybersecurity threats. A VPN helps protect this data and keep it away from hackers, which protects organizations and companies from the huge losses that could be caused by a system attack or theft of customer data.

How to choose the right VPN for you.

Choosing the right service provider for you is a difficult and cumbersome process, especially in light of the large number of VPN providers on the market today, whether they offer free or paid services. Here are some tips to help you choose the right VPN provider for you.

Define your purpose.

The first step in choosing the appropriate VPN service provider is to determine your purpose for using this VPN. Is it for normal personal use? Do you need to go beyond the limits of broadcast channels and enjoy your favorite programs? Or do you own a large company and need a VPN with high security features? Determining your purpose for the VPN service that you will subscribe to is the first step towards choosing a suitable VPN.

Determine your budget.

The second most important step is to determine an affordable budget. Note that you will not get many features in exchange for a free VPN service, and that you will not get professional features unless you provide an additional amount. Also, the paid subscription plans for the programs differ between the monthly subscription and the annual subscription. The subscription period may be up to 5 years. This feature may help you reduce costs.

Hence, keep your budget in line with your requirements. Use the comparison process between different services to get the best VPN features for the lowest possible price. We provide you with this step on our website through a comparison between the best VPN programs, in which we provide the advantages and disadvantages of each program and its price range. You can browse them and then choose the appropriate price for you.

Make sure you have a free trial plan.

Although it is not necessary, giving you the opportunity to test the VPN provider’s service is a good step that indicates the extent of the provider’s confidence in its service, and gives you the opportunity to ascertain the features that you want to purchase and the features that you will not need from the service provider.

Make sure basic features are in place.

Although VPN providers share most of the key features, it doesn’t hurt to make sure any VPN service has the basic features in place for high security. The first of these features is the Kill Switch feature. Which disconnects your Internet connection at the same moment you lose connection to the VPN service for any reason. This feature helps you avoid the risk of being banned or having your identity revealed.

The next feature that should definitely be present in any VPN service provider is the presence of good location spoofing options with a good number of servers, especially if you need services for different countries. This feature provides speed in data transfer resulting from the possibility that there is a VPN server near you belonging to the service provider. In addition, it gives you greater options for location spoofing, thus accessing a greater number of services and sites blocked in your region.

It is also necessary to check the speed and security tests provided by many software reviews on Google. The VPN should not affect the data transfer speed significantly. It must be able to protect your data well, protect your activity history from tracking, and ensure that your IP address is not leaked.

Check the service provider’s privacy policy.

All service providers have their own data retention privacy policies. Most VPN providers claim that they have never kept any user data. Others claim that they do not disclose user data except in cases of maximum security. The best VPN providers are those that use RAM to retain data. Nothing is written to the disk, and once you disconnect from the VPN service, the service provider will no longer have any information about you.

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Check data retention policies in the country where the service provider is located.

Countries with strict data retention policies that are considered some of the best host countries for VPN providers are Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Canada and Iceland. Of course, data retention conditions vary depending on the service provider. However, local laws impose many restrictions that will protect your personal data. We recommend one of these countries as host countries for the service provider.

Make sure your service provider uses a strong encryption protocol.

The most secure encryption protocols used by VPN services are: OpenVPN, WireGuard, SSTP, L2TP/IPsec,  IKEv2/IPsec. It is necessary for the service provider to use one of these protocols, as older protocols are vulnerable and most of them have been subjected to security attacks that have already succeeded.

Any additional features are welcome.

There are many features of the VPN service that companies have developed and added to the service. These features include the TOR anonymization feature, which adds an extra layer of protection and security so that your online activities or identity are difficult to trace, although it does cause slow data transfer. In addition to the Double Hop calling feature. Which makes the data management process take place through two servers instead of one, which adds additional encryption to the data and makes it more secure.

There are many other features as well which are very good for additional protection from attacks and hackers via VPN.

The best VPN programs in Saudi Arabia.

Choosing the best VPN in Saudi Arabia can vary according to your needs and preferences, however there are some VPN services and providers that are well-known for their good reputation and are frequently used in Saudi Arabia. To choose between them, you can review our comparison of the best VPN programs.


ExpressVPN is one of the famous names when talking about a highly secure vpn with good performance. Although it does not offer competitive prices or a long free trial plan (its free trial plan lasts only 7 days) and does not offer any additional features, it is a good and very secure VPN.

ExpressVPN offers around 160 server locations in 94 countries. This provides speed and many stealth options. It is also easy to use and has a simple and clear interface for any average user. In addition, it is available on all platforms Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android, iOS, Chrome. It also has a Kill Switch feature to disconnect your Internet connection as soon as the VPN connection drops. ExpressVPN may lack a double-hop connection for double data encryption. However, it uses a strong key encryption system that does not require any additional advantage. It is also suitable for family use, as the paid plans provide the possibility of sharing 8 users per plan.


ExpressVPN also lacks dedicated IP addresses and annoying ad blocking features yet, however it has a good reputation as a popular, secure VPN app.

As for paid plans, you can get ExpressVPN for $12.95 per month. There is also a plan for $6.67 per month for 12 months. In addition to a 6-month plan for $9.99 per month. All plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


NordVPN is one of the most powerful VPNs on the market, offering many powerful features. NordVPN offers TOR anonymity, as well as the ability to connect from 60 different countries. and static IP addresses, so Meshnet lets you do a variety of tricks when it comes to routing traffic through your devices sharing NordVPN. It also provides protection from malware, blocking annoying ads, and multi-hop communication using more than one server to manage data. In addition, it supports all operating systems via suitable applications.

ما هو Nord vpn
What is nord vpn

As for prices, NordVPN plans vary between a one-month, one-year, and two-year subscription. With three tracks each. For example, for the monthly plan, you will find 3 paths: $4.99 per month for the full version, $3.79 per month for the Plus version, and $2.99 ​​per month for the regular version.

For more information about NordVPN, you can review the following article: What is NordVPN


It is also a popular VPN program in Saudi Arabia, which is suitable for startup companies, as CyberGhost provides a high degree of security on its servers. You can also get extra security by paying extra on top of the subscription price to get CyberGhost’s NoSpy servers, which are super secure. You can also subscribe to antivirus protection or get static IP addresses. However, CyberGhost does not support multi-hop connectivity and does not have many additional features. However, it provides access to 9,200 servers in 91 countries, which is one of the largest numbers we have seen in the number of servers of a VPN service provider. Which will allow you great options for stealth, faking the location, and bypassing geographical boundaries.

CyberGhost - تطبيق VPN مجاني

As for CyberGhost pricing, you can get a monthly plan for $2.99 ​​with a 14-day money-back guarantee. There is a 2-year and 3-month plan for $2.19 per month with a 45-day money-back guarantee. Or a 6-month plan for $6.99 per month with a 45-day money-back guarantee.


A high-performance VPN provider with loads of features, Surfshark supports multi-hop connectivity and antivirus, and its servers cover 100 different countries. It also enables you to use a static IP address at no additional cost. In addition to the split tunneling feature to determine which applications use VPN and which applications are not subject to VPN. Using Surfshark, you can easily access streaming channels and services that are not available in your area. It is available on almost all major operating systems. It also offers a free 7-day trial on Android, iOS, and macOS. An unlimited number of connections is allowed for the paid subscription.

افضل VPN في السعودية
Surfshark vpn

As for Surfshark’s paid subscription plans, you can get Surfshark for 3 types of plans: 1-month plans, 12-month plans, and 24-month plans. With three different paths for each plan. For example, a one-month subscription plan comes for $1.99 per month, $2.69 per month for two years, or $3.99 per month. And so for every plan. With a 30-day money back guarantee if you don’t like the service.

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Private Internet Access.

It is one of the few VPNs that provide unlimited access to the service for just one subscription. Which makes it suitable for family use or in large companies.

Private Internet Access supports many additional features such as TOR anonymization. This is in addition to the split tunneling feature to determine which applications use a VPN and which applications do not connect using a VPN. In addition to multi-hop communication. Not only that, but the program allows you to set the proxy and the second location. It also provides the unique MACE tool that helps block ads and tracking so you can browse the Internet more safely.

private internet access vpn
private internet access vpn

You can also get dedicated IP addresses for an additional $5 on top of the subscription price. It offers many servers in 84 different countries and provides a great geographical distribution of servers for high speed and unique location spoofing options.

As for subscription plans, you can get Private Internet Access VPN for $11.95 per month for a one-month plan. Or $3.33 per month for a one-year plan. Or $1.98 per month for the 3-year and 4-month plan. This comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

At the conclusion of this article, we have reviewed the best VPN services in Saudi Arabia. Through these services, you can enjoy safe browsing online, without worrying about hackers stealing data and harming public Internet users. In the end, do not forget that choosing a VPN service must be done carefully and requires reading the features of the service more than once and making sure of the features offered by each of the available paid subscription plans. This is in order to get the best VPN service suitable for you.

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